Virtual Auditions for 2021–22

🎵 Thanks for your interest in Western Chorus and congratulations on auditioning! Before you complete your virtual audition please read the boring information on this page.

🎵 There are three levels of courses offered at WHS:

  • Beginning Chorus and Beginning Chorus Honors
    • Open to all interested students. No experience necessary.
  • Women’s/Treble Chorus and Treble Chorus Honors
    • Open to all interested students. Some experience is preferred. At least some very basic music reading skills are preferred. No audition is required. Teacher approval is required.
  • Western Singers and Western Singers Honors
    • Singers is our advanced, competitive group.
    • Open to all interested students by audition. Performance experience is preferred and some basic to intermediate music-reading ability is expected but may be picked up if needed.

🎵. This audition is for Western Singers. However, everyone who auditions will be placed into at least one of the three classes above. You can’t “fail” your audition. You will be placed in one of the three classes. And you always have the choice to take that class for Regular credit or Honors credit.

To read the audition agreement, and upload your audition, CLICK HERE TO GO ON TO TO THE NEXT PAGE. You will need to sign in with your SSO login. (